We can provide help with both services of Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud as well as with the management of your company’s Information and Communication Technologies (TIC).

Office 365

Proud partners of Microsoft 365 since 2009, we can design projects including any of its services:

      • Teams
      • Exchange Online
      • Sharepoint Online
      • Etc


We can handle the daily management of your onsite IT systems:

  • Servers  administration
  • User assistance
  • Purchases and management of suppliers – maintenance


Our services go above and beyond those of any other

And yes, we have a lot of experience in working for  international companies.

So, please feel free to contact us in order to talk about your specific needs.

+34 608 96 32 52


Teams – the Heart of 365

  • Everything your team needs in one place, to avoid the loss in productivity caused by changing mental contexts
  • Group conversations that integrate documents and meetings to substitute emails
  • Documents, easily accesible in the Sharepoint intranet with the possibility of co-editing (never again will you receive the error message ‘this file cannot be opened because another user is viewing it’)
  • Virtual meetings of onesional quality, perfectly integrated into the Outlook calendar, both internal and external
  • Chats, audio/video conferences, screen sharing, . . (everything that was formerly Business Skype) to communicate with your workmates in the best way possible, depending on the situation at hand
  • Streaming of live events for up to 10,000 people


System integration with:


  • Any other Office 365 tool (Planner, Onenote, Power BI, . . . )
  • Any other third-party platform (YouTube, Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, . . .)
  • Corporate systems via connectors
  • And, of course, your cell one, to enable you to receive and contribute from anywhere
  • It would be like Slack, in case that serves as a reference


logo outlook 365


Enjoy the best business email system for only 3,4€/month/inbox (less than that included in Business or Enterprise plans)

  • Practically unlimited space
  • Full Outlook functionality (always syncing between devices, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, . . . )
  • The best web interface
  • For cell phones and tablets starting the first day (for Android as well as iOS)
  • Already sorted by antivirus and antispam


Systems and Infrastructure


  • Integrated management of physical or virtual Windows servers (updates, backups, incidents, etc.)
  • Security management (firewalls, antivirus, . . .)
  • Network management (switches, WIFI access points, DNS, domains . . .)
  • Coordination with communications operators and/or hosting providers
  • User assistance when there are issues with PCs, cell phones, printers, etc.


All of the above comes with a clear monthly report and all the updated paperwork at hand (these are your systems, after all!)